Realms of Magic


Based in Wrocław, Poland

Founding date:

Early, 2020




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Realms of Magic is a 2D Action RPG set in a classic western fantasy universe. It combines the best elements of old school games with modern sandbox mechanics. Explore, gather resources, build, fight monsters and go on quests, large and small.


Realms of Magic is a classic 2D Action RPG with expanded sandbox mechanics. It lets you create your own adventure in a grim fantasy world full of deadly monsters and powerful magic hidden throughout a vast realm. Create a hero belonging to one of a number of fantasy races, then play the game however you want to. Visit cities, complete tasks and discover lore of the Old Kingdom. The world is yours to discover, and your professions and survival skills will help you to survive various threats that lurk in the shadows..


  • A fascinating fantasy world with many options and ways to play.
  • Medieval villages and various quest hubs located on a world map that grows bigger, as you progress.
  • Variety of professions, including crafting, gathering, building, farming and others.
  • Hundreds of items - some you can wear, some you can use and others are just there to hang on the walls.
  • 10 playable races with multitude customization options.
  • An interesting lore of the Old Kingdom contained in dozens of books.
  • Deadly monsters, dark dungeons, mighty magic and valuable treasures.
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    Selected Articles

  • "Promising, fantasy-themed Terraria-like; the crafting system seems quite deep, the combat is challenging, and it has several character race options. Early Access, but it has great potential." - Designers Plays, Steam Curator

  • "Realms of Magic is an evolution of sandbox games, where everything finally seemed to be polished with the new features. It's not just about loot and craft, it's a western with many things to do." - Reviews Enthusiastsy, Steam Curator
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    Passion and common interests brings people together. Polished Games have connected a group of talented enthusiasts and veterans of the RPG genre in order to do something great.

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    Realms of Magic
    created by
    Polished Games

    Project Leader / Game Director
    Krzysztof "Zakharn" Dadello

    Pixel Artist / Animator
    Piotr Rakszewski

    Lead Programmer
    Michal "Manwe" Maciejczyk

    Konrad "V3rmoX" Depta

    Michal "Kurigalzu" Halabis

    Lukasz Skoczolek

    Story Writer / Quest Designer
    Krzysztof "Omadan" Basak

    Level Designer / Sound Designer
    Tomasz "Depczyk" Depczynski

    Game Designer
    Wojciech "Ansambel" Niewiadomski

    Game Designer / Tester
    Kamil "Darin" Swistun

    PR & Marketing Specialist
    Wiktor "Wiktorian" Talaga

    PR & Marketing Specialist
    Dawid "ShayBuss" Przybyla

    Additional Game Design
    Michal Gilowski

    Additional Writing
    Jakub Oledzki

    Davi Vasc

    Realms of Magic uses the Unreal(R) Engine. Unreal(R) is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal(R) Engine, Copyright 1998-20XX, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


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